Jessie Yune is a native South Korean who always dreamed of being a fashion designer.
She studied fashion design in Seoul and pursued fashion merchandising at FIT to merge her understanding of the creative and business sides of the industry. After graduating from FIT, she put her learnings to the test and started her career as a designer working at House Of Mai. House of Mai was where she first encountered knitwear and where she fell in love with the beauty of fabrics and the intricacies of what knitwear embodied. After a couple of years of concentrating her designs on knitwear, Jessie took a leap of faith and launched her own contemporary clothing line, 27-24, with her colleague Chloe Kang. 27-24, focused on cashmere knitwear and was quickly recognized by high end specialty boutiques both domestically and internationally within the first year on the market. After much success, Jessie is relaunching her brand under the name, Jyune to introduce a more streamlined aesthetic for her new line. Her designs are inspired by the city and its trends while keeping true to her classic principle. Jessie's goal as a designer is to introduce casual urban chic within unique fashion pieces to women who appreciate fashion and are able to express themselves in their everyday lives.